Friday, April 5, 2013

party time

For Peyton's first birthday, we of course had a big birthday bash to celebrate her huge milestone. Friends and family filled my mom's house to help celebrate our precious little princess.

 It was a lot of fun, and she was very spoiled loved by everyone.  She skipped her morning nap that day, and I was sure she was going to be clingy or have a meltdown, but luckily, she proved me wrong.  She had so much fun and enjoyed her party as much as she could.  

She even got her own cake!  Vanilla with vanilla cream cheese frosting.  She was definitely more interested in the frosting, can't say I blame her.  It was delicious!

Thank you to everyone who came, I can't wait to show Peyton all the pictures one day to show her how loved she has always been.

one year!


Well, I can honestly say this has been the best, most different year of my life. 

The last year has been full if smiles and tears (only a few from me), milestones, celebrations and lots and lots of happiness. I still can't believe we have already reached the year mark. It's true what they say about time speeding up once you have kids. If it goes this fast with one I can't imagine how fast it will go once we add to our family. (Don't get too excited, no I'm not pregnant and will not be pregnant soon.) 

I don't know how we got so blessed to have our first child be so perfect. I'm so beyond happy that she chose us to be her parents. Peyton is the happiest, sweetest, most beautiful, bright, smart, precious girl ever. (I could go on and on, but we would be here a while...) Sure, we may not sleep much, we may spend a lot more time changing diapers and cleaning up messes, but it is more than worth it.  

This months fun facts:
  • She wears size 3 diapers and shoes. 
  • She wears 9 month or 6-12 month clothes, with an occasional 12 month outfit here and there. 
  • We made it a whole month with NO new teeth, yay!!
  • She crawls and cruises like a total pro. 
  • She took her first steps!!! By no means is she actually walking, but a few steps is HUGE!
  • She absolutely loves being outside. 
  • She loves the trees, plants, animals and the wind in her hair. 
  • She is becoming a much better eater. She wants to try everything we eat. 
  • She used to hate having a wet diaper the second she pee'd and now she hates being changed. 
  • She loves to give kisses, mostly to her toys but we are lucky to get some Sweet Pea kisses. They are the best ever!

Happy Birthday Peyton Olivia! 
You really are so amazing and have brought us so much joy and happiness. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, and your dad always wanted a little girl (okay I wanted a girl too) and you are more than we could have ever dreamed or hoped for. You little Pea are our first, you made us parents. You made me a mom. That is by far the greatest thing ever. We may have jobs that we dreamed of and lives that are fulfilling, but without you, none of it would matter. I love you more than you will ever know or understand. You are a special piece of us and definitely have our hearts. We love you so incredibly much and want to give you the world. I can not wait to see what you have to show and teach us. Welcome to toddlerhood Sweet Pea. Your next year is sure to be another amazing year full of adventure. I love you, for always! 


Here are some fun pictures from her first birthday mini session: